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Why Vine is here to stay

2013 October 4
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by roostonline


Despite the introduction of video to Instagram Vine still has a place in the market.

In August Vine tweeted that their number of users had increased from 13 million to 40 million in two months, following the rolling out of the Android version of the app. Last month research from The 7th Chamber revealed that 5 tweets per second contain a Vine link and that a branded Vine is five times more likely to be seen then a branded video.

This tale of success is all the more surprising when we look back to June when Facebook announced that Instagram users would now be able to create short-form video uploads. Almost instantly #RIPVine started trending, but as Vine’s subsequent growth suggests this has not been the case.

While Instagram continues to have obvious advantages (their 130 million users obviously being a key factor) including filters and the ability to edit videos we shouldn’t write Vine off just yet, as it has many benefits as a marketing platform.

The Six Second Limit: Twitter applied the same science of limitation when instituting the six second Vine videos. The short length encourages brands and users to think outside the box and be creative when telling a concise story.

User Experience: Users go to Vine expecting to see a video, unlike Instagram which is more established as a channel for static imagery.

Looping: When a Vine video is played it does so on a continuous GIF-like loop. This feature makes the videos more fun to consume and adds creative challenges and advantages.

Despite the above reasons ultimately your decision of whether to use Vine or Instagram to create and share a video on should be most influenced by the channel you want to share your video on. Both Twitter and Facebook are key for marketing, so ultimately it’s not about choosing one over the other. It’s about utilising the right video platform for the right channel. Brands posting video on Twitter should use Vine and those posting video to Facebook should use Instagram.


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