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Weight Watchers Do It Their Way (Play)

2012 January 20
by roostonline

Have you seen the new Weight Watchers campaign? You might have seen the £15 million, over three-minute-long new advert which launched the brand’s new look on the 1st January, taking advantage of New Year motivations to rid ourselves of the extra mince-pie pounds. It features the single “Do it Our Way (Play)” written and sung by Alesha Dixon (considered a controversial choice for the brand, but no matter) backed up by a group of 180 real Weight Watchers members who have lost a total of 422 stone between them. The song’s lyrics are based on the real experiences of the people who feature in the ad, and a selection of them sing a line or two as the video pans continuously through one long shot so that each participant has some time in the limelight. It’s great fun and is a wonderful example of a co-created and community driven piece of content drawing on the contributions of real Weight Watchers members, which is bound to have a positive impact on engagement on their social network profiles and an increase in sign-ups. The community will feel recognised and valued by the brand as it reasserts its membership as being comprised of real people with real stories.


As we build up to the launch of our own blogger community we notice some parallels between Weight Watchers’ aims and ours – their ad reflects the sense of community, group support and shared interest that underlies the whole Weight Watchers programme. Our aim is to create similar communities of individuals with shared interests who enter into a value exchange with brands, communicating with and supporting one another along the way.


But Weight Watchers has an entirely new approach to go along with its new advert. The weight loss system has been re-packaged as a game – we are now urged to “Play Weight Watchers” as it has become “The Game You Play to Lose Weight”. This trendy gamification aspect to the campaign will surely draw in new members as watching your weight becomes a fun challenge rather than an obligatory and boring New Year’s resolution. This is along the lines of many other health apps available on smartphones – Weight Watchers also introduced mobile apps and online tools along with their new ProPoints system last year. It remains to be seen how long the novelty will last, but it’s certain to be a smart move to validate the identities of their existing community members, and increase engagement and WOM from existing and prospective participants.


Watch the video below:

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