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Veronica Chan of Gojee

2012 May 10

On Monday, in New York, I was lucky enough to catch up with Veronica Chan of Gojee, to chat about the state of the blogosphere in the USA. As Director of Content, Veronica is focused on what her audience is interested in to sustainably build out the content strategy for the company.

Veronica Chan

Veronica Chan of Gojee

Gojee is like StumbleUpon for Foodies. The aim of the site is to allow everyday cooks to tap into a massive selection of recipes submitted by personally selected bloggers; it means that users can search by their favourite ingredients and find new exciting recipes as submitted by their favourite bloggers.

What was interesting was the way in which Veronica and Gojee have approached the recruitment and relationships with the bloggers. Similar to the way in which we approach this space, it has all been about personal one-on-one correspondence. Veronica herself knows and talks to each of the bloggers on a regular basis “adding a face to the brand”.

Veronica has found herself becoming friends with many of the bloggers, further building trust and transparency in the working relationship that they have forged.

As discussed in a previous post, there has always been a tricky relationship between bloggers and brands/agencies. This is not only the case in the UK but also in the US where some bloggers have had their fingers burnt either as a result of the lack of openness about what has been expected or through the prescriptive brief that they have been given. Gojee’s model relies on their relationships and therefore they have taken the time to invest in building an exclusive network – even though when they first set out they were trying to sell in an idea as the site wasn’t even live.
It has been a credit to their success that they have now built up a community that is considered exclusive amongst the food blogging community and have a growing  of 390K users from all around the world. Membership, and the ability to upload new recipes to the site, is by invite only.

It was a great morning spent with Veronica, made even better by some cheeky celeb spotting…


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