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Twitter Followers = ROI

2012 June 13
by roostonline

Each day I receive Twitter alerts telling me who is following one of the numerous accounts that Roost Online manage. While many people might see this as spam or at the very least annoying, the community team find it intriguing. Every day we follow our content plans and reactively and proactively manage each of the social communities that we look after, we are constantly striving for engagement and social gestures. Being followed on Twitter is an example of one of those golden eggs that we are working towards, they are also a very clear indication of how our messages are resonating and who is interested in what we have to say. The mini biogs, their latest updates, all of this gives further insight into how people (and companies) are interpreting and reacting to our strategies.


Selective proactive following (outreach) is also a good trigger for engagement and awareness. Yesterday my @simonjohn9 account was followed by @showlerart. As usual I read the biog as my email alert flashed up:


We create and sell beautifully illustrated art prints and postcards for you to hang on your walls and send to your friends!

But rather than moving on, I decided to have a little deeper look, you see I have a need for wall art at the moment (!) – 10 mins later I was the owner of one Orangina Bottle!



Now I would hope that this wasn’t simply a random (follow) strategy, but rather a clever thought through process where they had identified keywords, locations and demographics that they were looking to target and follow – if so I applaud you @showlerart. As a next step it would be interesting to see brands capture more social details at POS so that they could start to break down their database to see how and where this is impacting on sales.



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