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Top April Fools Pranks 2012

2012 April 11
by roostonline

So here is a quick run down of our favourite digital pranks from the last week…

1. Google Maps turns into an 8-bit Nintendo game (Google)

Google always do some of the best April Fools pranks and this was no different. The YouTube video featured a very life-like Mario-kart style map and a Japanese family using it with delight. How can this not exist?


2. The introduction of bubbly tax (Daily Mail)

Yes times are still easy for some. But the party crowd might just have fallen for this prank the Daily Mail tried to pull. Who else still can afford Moet on a weekly basis anyway ?


3. Conan O Brien buys Mashable (Mashable)

What does a comedian do when he is sick of the news online not being regulated to one website? He decides to buy Mashable for $3500 and fire the CEO. Just kidding. Mashable just tries to parody the information overload that people face now on the web. The video is amusing and includes  O’Brien’s dry humour that is what makes this April fools prank successful.


4. West Jet airlines announces child free flights

Imagine you were on a flight with no screaming child in sight. We really wish this was real.  The YouTube ‘commercial’ for West Jet makes us desperately want to believe that there would be such a thing.


5. Rock Band becomes a board game

Technology can take a simple game and make it more interactive. But what if it was the other way around? We get to see the funny side of this in Rock Band’s ‘board game’.


6. Arsenal football club to launch perfume (The Sun)

Would you like to buy the perfume that had the smell of a football stadium? No we wouldn’t either. But some crazed football fan just might have believed this.


7. The World’s Smallest Laptop (Sony)

Just for today Sony beat Apple in having a more innovative product. With the youtube video it showed that the laptop was portable, easy and accessible for your child. An April Fools prank that had a great idea and brilliant acting.


Agree? Why not let us know your all time favourites…

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