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The internet is your playground

2010 August 27
by advertisingape

Although the Sunday Times may sneer at vloggers that publish haul videos there are a number of bloggers that have harnessed the webs ease of publishing to promote a certain type of magnificently pointless meme driven humour that has tickled us at Roost cottage.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Jonathan from Spotify Ruined your playlist – We know he was forced to do it but the Spotify house ads do kick you back to consciousness while loosing yourself in your favourite playlist. The beauty of this is that the level of insults pretty much fit the crime.  (Interestingly powered by Google docs. On a similar riff have a look at Barack Obama is your new bicycle)

Waiting for Bieber – If you want to truly feel the impact of Bieber fever have a look at this.  It’s a live feed from Twitter of Bieber fans begging him to follow them on Twitter.  Unless you are a 13 year old girl you may find this slightly weird.

Catorealist – A take off of the one of the most influential fashion blogs The Sartorialist which documents street fashions around the world, the Catorialist does so with feline fashions occasionally adding commentary, describing one cat as, ‘Punk sensibility in a tailored camel’s hair coat’

Buble Raptor – A raptor is stalking Michael Buble, wherever he goes, never attacking, but always there, lurking in the background…

Kemp Folds – How much fun can you have folding pictures of Ross Kemp?  Loads.

Hungover Owls – Now that I think about it, they do look like they’ve been out all night getting moused.

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