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“Super Users”

2011 November 23







Team Roost enjoyed an evening with Tempero last week, in which we were lucky enough to hear from client representative who are involved in social and online communities on a daily basis. This gave a great insight into the different approaches brands take in tackling community management and its development. There were 5 great presentations from:

Many of the talks revolved around the need to take your audience on a journey and how the holy grail was to have a base of highly engaged advocates or ”super-users” who themselves have influence over and greater contact with your wider user base. The nature of this relationship varied from client to client, but in each case the objective was the same: To facilitate the sharing of trusted information and brand related knowledge to increase wider brand engagement using a small community of individuals.


A variation on the term ‘ambassador’ often appears in the briefs we see. While it is true to say that it can be a long process to organically educate and recruit loyal brand advocates, there are often readymade ones out there who are able and willing – they are simply waiting for the right approach and relationship.

Tapping into people’s passions means that you can quickly mobilise a community group through mutual interests. The right facilitation swiftly enables a relationship between a brand and ‘bloggers’ that builds on learnt insight and knowledge of online behaviours.

Through building and developing these relationships,  it means that we can select ambassadors on set criteria:

  • Conversationalists – we work alongside people who are comfortable with communicating in the social media space.
  • Community – their network is already established and is a relevant community waiting to be engaged with.
  • Content – in turn they are used to creating content online.

Value Exchange

Unsurprisingly at the Tempero talk each client scenario set up a value exchange. While this might not have been initially obvious it was the exchange that cemented the brand/blogger relationship; be it all expenses paid trips or license to take the lead in extending the brand’s persona through social media.

It was clear to see that influencer relationships have become a significant element to these brand’s social strategies, be they sexy electronic clients with high value products to offer in exchange for forum support to the wider community or professional associations with less tangible but none the less relevant and valuable information and content to impart.

At Roost we believe these relationships are key to social success and will watch with great interest to see how these brands develop their ‘tastemaker’ programmes.

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