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Social News: March

2014 March 12
by roostonline

march social news

It’s hard to believe that we’re already heading towards Spring… Even though 2014 is barely only two months old there is a definite pattern starting to emerge; influence and reactive marketing were the buzzwords of 2013, but in 2014 they are becoming a consistent part of any communications plan.

1.     Harnessing disruption in a changing industry –

In this talk Nic looks at the prospects for the news industry in 2014. He argues that we are at the start of another period of intense disruption to business models and content formats as we move to a world dominated by mobile devices with new input and interaction methods.

Tags: Journalism, digital age, mobile

Watch-time: 18 mins

2.     12 more examples of digital technology in retail stores –

Bricks and mortar stores have to work hard to compete with online shopping, and one way of doing this is to use technology to create a great in-store experience.

Tags: Technology, experience, offline online

Read-time: 8 mins

3.     Super Bowl 2014 and the rise of the social newsroom  – 

The Super Bowl used to be about the battle of advertising budgets, now it’s a war of the social newsrooms.

Tags: Newsroom, real-time, content, reactive

Read-time: 4 mins

4.     How people explore their interests on Pinterest -

People use Pinterest to pursue their interests, but people have many interests that evolve over time. As a researcher here at Pinterest, I’ve been figuring out how and why people Pin.

Tags: Pinterest, interest, audience, usage 

Read-time: 3 mins

5.     How can brands apply the principles of SEO when content is shifting to video? –

In 2011 Cisco’s chief futurist, Dave Evans, predicted that 91% of Internet data in 2015 will be video. But, a year off that mark, it feels like we might already be there

Tags: SEO, video, trends 

Read-time: 5 mins

6.     How These Six Highly Productive Bloggers Get So Much Done –

“Routines are important, but only if you make them your own. Simply copying someone else’s routine probably won’t work.” — Jeff Goins

Tags: Process, bloggers, content

Read-time: 5 mins

7.      Reports Center for the Digital Future and Bovitz Inc –

Facebook use will decline in five years, Twitter and Instagram are growing, reports Center for the Digital Future and Bovitz Inc.

Tags: Facebook, trends, social media

Read-time: 6 mins


Highlight­ – slightly longer for those lunchtime moments…

8.     Brands that Millennials love to hate –

By now, one thing should be perfectly clear: Millennials are not monolithic. Individuals of specific generations are undeniably individuals – separate from others and unique in wants and needs.

Tags: Millennials, audience, behaviours

Read-time: 10 mins


Case study

9.     P&G’s Dreft sponsors birth of Jonas Brothers singer’s daughter –

Procter & Gamble detergent Dreft has taken the unusual step of sponsoring the birth of a celebrity baby, with the brand breaking the news via social media about the delivery of pop singer Kevin Jonas’ newborn daughter.

Tags: PR, influencer, earned strategy

Read-time: 2 mins

10.  Boots ties up with Facebook for live hair and beauty broadcast –

Boots has hooked up with Facebook and produced a 90-minute live-streamed programme full of style, hair and beauty tips, which will be carried on the retailer’s UK page on the social network.

Tags: Facebook, retail, content, partnership

Read-time: 3 mins


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