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Social News: February

2014 February 6
by roostonline


Moving on from looking back at 2013 (Jan: Social News), this month we uncover inward and outward retail innovation, the latest Facebook changes and future trends and applications.

This month we’ve also included a ‘Highlight’ and ‘Case Study’ section. Each month we will throw a slightly longer article out there (Highlight) that has some interesting threads, alongside a Case Study that we through had stand out.

1.     Facebook Turns 10: The Mark Zuckerberg Interview –

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t usually observe sentimental anniversaries. This year he’s confronted by three of them.

 2.     Tesco creates London innovation ‘lab’ to tap wisdom of start-up community –

Tesco has created a London “lab” of innovation which it hopes will capture and spread the “wisdom” of start-ups and SMEs throughout its business.

3.     Tesco and Waitrose plant click & collect at London Tube stations –

Tesco and Waitrose are following in the footsteps of Asda by bringing click & collect to a handful of London Underground stations.

4.     Facebook Starts Showing Fewer Text Status Updates From Pages, More From Friends –

Facebook has just announced a slight tweak to the Newsfeed algorithm. The newest version of the Newsfeed will show fewer text-based status updates from Pages, but will serve more text-based status updates from users.

5.     P&G looks to digital (USA) –

Procter & Gamble, the FMCG giant, expects its marketing budget for the coming year to be only slightly up on last year, with a C suite executive reporting that almost one third is being allocated to digital channels.

 6.     Why brands should not ignore social video –

Thanks to 4G-led improvements in mobile infrastructure and the proliferation of social video platforms like Vine and Instagram Video, it’s beyond doubt that video now has a life way beyond TV and desktop screens.

 7.     A Year on Vine –

We launched Vine one year ago. To mark the occasion, we’d like to celebrate you and the entire Vine community. Through your creativity, humor and the momentous events you capture and share on Vine, we’ve come together in ways we never expected.

8.     Jelly: Let’s help each other –

Jelly was founded in April 2013 by Biz Stone and Ben Finkel. We chose the jellyfish to represent our product because it has a loose network of nerves that act as a “brain” similar to the way we envision loosely distributed networks of people coordinating via Jelly to help each other. 


9.     Don’t build a product unless you can validate it –

Early adopters might have very different needs and habits than normal users, but they play an essential role in generating the kind of early buzz new products need.

Case Study

10.  Axe: Call To Arms –

Unilever-owned body spray AXE is inviting people to ‘make love not war’ to promote its new variant, AXE Peace. A 60-second film, directed by Rupert Sanders via production company MJZ, echoes both real life tensions (North Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Tiananmen Square) and juxtaposes them with cinematic references (the grim districts in The Hunger Games, the epic Asian landscapes in Apocalypse Now, the wrecked Warsaw in The Pianist).

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