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2010 July 26
by roostonline

I love Snappy Snaps.

Something about having real, tangible,  actual photos that you can stick in an album and flick through rather than mouse through on the mac. I even love the brand.

The brand name of Snappy Snaps is one of the most recognisable on the high street today. It’s bright and brash, and screams ‘value’. Of which it definitely is.

And here they are, toe dipping into the social space, using Facebook to promote free photo-shoots for all of their Facebook friends.

A nice idea yes….. what’s less encouraging is the lack of attention to detail that’s obviously going into their application of the activity.

snappy snaps facebook activity screenshot

Typos (banies, telefone), total lack of grammatical awareness and despite the doting mum stating that she wishes to take up the offer on behalf of her son, Snappy Snaps Aldgate seems to think that he’s a she.

Minor maybe, but attention to detail in social is as important as any other media form. This wouldn’t be acceptable from the brand in print, so why so on Facebook?

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