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Mummy blogs, small yellow giraffes & some seriously cool toys

2010 August 23
by roostonline

We’ve spent the last few months knee deep in Mummy blogs, small yellow giraffes and some of the coolest new toys to come to market – this is possibly the best brief ever!

With our creative partners ClickTag, we’ve been delivering the social media strategy for Toys R Us. Following the resurrection of Geoffrey Giraffe across Facebook and in store last year, the brief was to take this one step further towards a more holistic strategy.

We were tasked with defining a year-long campaign to take Toys R Us into the social media space, with more than just a Facebook fan page.

For a brand like Toys R Us who have real family focus, Roost felt it was paramount  to proactively listen to the customers and involve them in a really hands on fashion, rather than reach out to them through a broader social approach.

We wanted to make sure that the values which  play and family-time represent, are put back at the heart of the Toys R Us offering, and so  Toys R Us UK have turned to the British Mummy Blogger community to kick off their latest campaign, the official Toys R Us Toyologists™.

We developed a strategy to put toys, fun and the associated family values back at the forefront of the brands marketing activity, powered by real Toys R Us consumers, who have considerable networks in the online space amongst the parenting community.

With the support of the Toys R Us vendors, we have been able to deliver a social strategy in which the value exchange between the brand and the customer is firmly in the favour of the consumers. Exactly where it should be.

There are no sales messages to be seen. We’re looking for value added content that is both genuine and useful, as well as fun of course.

The campaign kicked off with a social led recruitment drive.  40 influential mum’s with ‘my life is my children’ social profiles and impressive blogs were contacted over the course of a week via tweets, pokes, Facebook messages and comments across relevant blogs and communities.

They were each invited to join the exclusive gang of Official Toys R Us Toyologists, and their role, simply to take delivery of toys, play with their kids, throw toy parties if they wish and share their findings, experiences and wealth of parenting and toy knowledge with the wider parenting community online.

Toys R Us held a Toyologists tea party at Bucklebury farm last weekend, to meet the new faces of the campaign, and to understand how these Mums want to see the programme shaped.  Toys R Us, ClickTag and Roost huddled on hay bales with the Toyologists and listened intently to how they thought Toys R Us could best add real value to their networks and communities of parenting friends, and what they would do to us if we called them the A word… Ambassadors is apparently a dirty word now.

They were also given the first of many toy parcels, tailored to their individual family’s age and demographic.

As the campaign grows, Toys R Us hope to bring more Toyologists on-board, and to continue to adapt the programme as requested by the participating Toyologists.  There’s quite some buzz in the blogosphere about what the Toyologists will get up to between now and christmas, so watch this space.

You can follow the Toys R Us Toyologists activity across key individual’s blogs, Twitter and also the Toys R Us Facebook Page

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