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Microethnographies: Roost and Anthropology

2012 January 6

This year Roost aim to bring anthropological ways of thinking and methods to the forefront of their service offering. Having insight into the thinking and lives of communities that goes beyond numbers and figures is undoubtedly invaluable when building lasting relationships and vibrant communities with bloggers from across the UK, USA, Asia and Africa.

In this vein we are in the initial stages of planning a more anthropologically-focused approach to apply to each of our existing blogger and social media communities, and we hope that in future this approach will be used to shed light on further groups and demographics that are interesting for our future and potential clients. We believe that each community that we create or maintain for our clients is different – each of these online spaces is a separate cultural environment in which varying value systems operate and relationships exist. The key to maximising engagement and benefit from each community is to take the time and effort to understand them fully.

We will be utilising some of the most important anthropological methodological principles when investigating these communities to produce micro-ethnographies – compact studies of each community. We will immerse ourselves within group spaces to observe them and understand them “from the inside” (within their particular context). Equally important will be our conversation with the bloggers and fans themselves -  to gain qualitative insight into their viewpoint and experience.

The key elements to our approach in studying each community will be the following:

  • Who are the people in our communities? Here we will be looking at demographics, social technographics (the way that they create or interact with online content), which online spaces they spend most time in
  • What do they value? We want to find out what they engage with, how, and most importantly, why? What are the things that get them excited and compel them to engage?
  • How do they view their role within the community? What are their relationships with others and brands based on and how can we strengthen our relationship with them?
  • Finally we will present a resulting strategy for brands engaging with these communities.

We strive to create meaningful relationships between brands and bloggers, who are key to creating positive word-of-mouth and leading consumer engagement. We really appreciate the bloggers we already work with and can’t wait to further develop our vision with them and expand our communities. We are also looking forward to providing an even better offering for our clients through this strategy – giving them a deeper insight and understanding of their online fans.

We hope that clients and bloggers alike will be excited by our plans for 2012 – we can’t wait!

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