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#londonriots vs. #londoncleanup

2011 August 9
by roostonline

A lot has been reported around the negative use of social media, particularly Twitter, during the London Riots and how it has been used to mobilise gangs in and around London.

But it is also important to credit it with harnessing positive community groundswell, one that is far more wide spread than the pockets of anarchists who are at the root of the violence.

LondonRiots, LondonCleanup, Twitter, social media.

Social Media networks helping with the London riots cleanup

And the support both on the streets in helping with the cleanup and online showing solidarity with those communities affected and the police has been overwhelming, with social media groups and profiles swelling every minute.

In turn there are some other great examples of how Twitter and other social sites can be used as a deterrent to others and a means of bringing those involved to justice.

social media, twitter, londonriots, londoncleanup

All the best to those that have been caught up in the riots, may the power of the British community spirit rise above those delusioned individuals who are to blame.

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