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How to write perfect Facebook updates

2012 May 25
by roostonline

A few weeks ago Amplify released a really interesting short film on the role fans have come to play in brand promotion. A part that really struck a chord was the discussion of Facebook brand pages. One contributor said that a “like” on Facebook is the social media equivalent of a grunt in a conversation. It’s an acknowledgement but it’s not participation.
Much focus is often given to the importance of gaining a lot of “likes” for your brand’s Facebook page. But once you’ve achieved this how do you prevent an “unlike”?

That’s what this post is about. How do you write a perfect status update and keep your fans engaged?
A successful status update will encourage participation and ensure that followers continue to visit and contribute to the page. Updates can be written to create brand awareness and to encourage activity among fans and as a way to deliver news.

We love seeing what other brands are doing in their social media outreach and as a fashion and obsessed individual I thought I’d look at the Facebook statuses of some of my favourite brands.

Managing Facebook pages for a brand can be tricky as you want to engage your audience in a way that encourages fan loyalty and drives purchases, but at the same time you need to avoid being pushy or overtly plugging your products which can cause an audience to disengage. So here are three tricks and tips about how to write successful Facebook posts.

1) Include good quality media images and video


A key way to drive engagement and encourage a click through to a brand sight is to include rich media such as large images and videos. Topshop are especially good at this. Each day they publish a ‘Daily Fix’, a post featuring a new product, which often guarantees a large amount fan engagement and has been my downfall on more than one occasion.

2)      Start a discussion and ask questions


Another important aspect of any status is to not simply plug your product, which can cause your fans to become irritated, instead actively communicate with them. This can be done by asking a question and inspiring a discussion or by ask them to like or share the update if they enjoy it.

This update by ASOS is a good example. One of their jackets has been worn by Lana Del Rey. ASOS have asked their followers to comment on Del Rey’s outfit before directing them to the page they can purchase it from. The comments on the jacket range from positive comments – which could lead to purchases – and negative comments, but either way they’ve encouraged engagement with their brand and debate on their page – which is a good thing.

1)      Competitions and Giveaways


Understandably most people like and engage with competitions and giveaways. Jack Wills are especially good at this, their  Facebook page features a number of excuslive giveaways including polo tickets, a years worth of university fee and in this case an exclusive lamp. Their technique of asking people to comment on the post explaining why they should win the lamp is a good one, resulting in over 1,500 comments.  Although, we should point out it was not done in an app, which goes against Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Essentially the most important word to keep in mind when writing any Facebook status is engagement. What aspect of your post will encourage users to comment, like and share and in doing so participate in your brand’s conversation and story?

At Roost we ensure all status updates are written with the audience needs at the forefront; We listen to what a brand’s followers have to say and take into account any insights and feedback to ensure constant optimisation of social editorial and content.

We’d love to hear your nominations for the brands getting it right on Facebook, so do drop us a comment


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