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Facebook…a love affair for life?

2012 July 13
by roostonline

 Abi has just joined Roost as a community assistant and will be with us for three months.

Facebook Addict

I will openly admit that I am addicted to Facebook. Since the 10th of July 2007 we have been almost inseparable, parted only by far away travels and broken internet. Now, with the introduction of smart phones, I now have access to my account 24/7 pretty much anywhere in the world.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say my life revolves around Facebook, but it certainly features a lot; it’s how I keep up to date with my old school friends while I’m at uni, it’s how I communicate with my tutor group about projects we have throughout the year and it’s how I get invited to events, from 21st birthday parties to student nights out in Nottingham.  I have never had the self-restraint, unlike many of my housemates, to delete my account during exam period, and I can barely get through dinner without checking my phone to ensure I haven’t missed out on any important news (much to my boyfriends annoyance). So imagine my distress at the thought that after university I would probably have to stop using Facebook, because surely real people with real, grown-up jobs don’t have the time or the need for such superficial procrastination, do they?




Looking to the future…

As I’m about to begin my third and final year (sob), I have started to look at various graduate schemes, as applications will open in September. My first port of call was to trawl through the websites of as many communication agencies as I could find and look for an email address under the career section. But time and time again there was no information and I was directed to Facebook pages or groups.


JWT London Grads page posts application deadlines, answers questions from applicants and posts video interviews with people currently on the scheme.

These pages have become the go-to place for all graduates, containing information about the company, the application process, deadlines and for some agencies, the application questions are even completed through a Facebook app.  Potential applicants can ask questions and get responses in real time from people running the schemes. After further investigation I found that many grad schemes also had Twitter accounts, and from talking to a friend who graduated a few years ago, his agency interviewed applicants via a Skype roulette system, randomly matching them up to an interviewer who gave them 15 minutes to impress.


The new generation

So what does this change in process mean? It appears that big firms are preparing a whole generation to be social media savvy, and not just through Facebook but across all channels.  Without a Facebook account I would be restricted in which jobs I could apply for and without Twitter I wouldn’t be able to keep up with updates on my application.  This shows how seriously firms are taking social media, and how important they believe it is now and will be in the future.

So although I’m thrilled that my Facebook -stalking days are no longer numbered, come September will I have to filter my account to make it employer-friendly? Is your Facebook account the new CV? Students need to be aware of how their account is viewed by others and understand the privacy settings that they can put in place if they are going to be using Facebook to communicate with potential employers. After all, I wouldn’t allow a photo of myself running through campus in full blue body paint dressed as an Avatar on my CV, yet it’s still there on my Facebook account for all to see. I know friends who have two accounts, one for friends and one with filtered content for everyone else. Although firms seem to have taken the leap into social media, I think universities are only just catching up, and need to do more to advice students on their social media presence.

 Is this really how I want a potential employer to see me? (INCREDIBLE fancy dress aside)

 Facebook for life

Even though some students may be annoyed and consider these developments an invasion of privacy, I’m excited that firms are embracing social media, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, and actively encouraging young people to continue using it throughout their working life.  I think they finally realise that this is how my generation communicate, and how accustomed we have become to it being a part of our everyday life. It just shows how far we have come from the days when social media was viewed only as a procrastination tool. It is definitely so much more than that.



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