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2014 January 22
by roostonline

The Facebook Newsfeed ranking algorithm is an ever-changing beast, but the latest announcement from the Facebook team will be helpful to brands’ Community Managers when planning content for the next few months.

The most recent changes, and those we should expect more of in the near future, are focussed on altering the categorisation of posts from friends and posts from Pages. In testing, Facebook has found that people have been engaging far better with text-only updates from friends and have begun to adapt the algorithm accordingly. People will now see more of this type of update in their Newsfeed and consequentially, less content from brands.

Dips in reach and engagement for text-only updates from Pages can almost certainly be expected, but increases may be seen for other story types, so Community Managers should act quickly to make their content work harder for them. One way to do this is to increase the number of posts featuring images or videos and particularly increase the number of posts with links.

Facebook suggests embedding a link within a post, then using the link-share function to share it. This combination of actions is more likely to drive reach and engagement.

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