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Discovering the joy of blogs

2012 August 20
by roostonline

Why people blog and who reads them used to leave me slightly bemused. However, the more I read and explored this space, the more I have understood both what it is that makes people want to generate content and also why people, like myself, become avid followers. Since joining Roost I have come across some fascinating ones that I have shared with friends and taken ideas from. I have come across some delicious gluten free recipes which I have added to my recipe book, and got inspirational ideas for how to decorate my new house on a budget.

Below is one of my favourites from Kim Demmon’s blog, ‘Today’s Creative Blog’


Preserve your memories, thoughts and ideas…

In today’s world nothing is a secret, so why not embrace that fact? Whether it’s baking, arts and crafts, sharing fashion and beauty tips, or just reporting your daydreams and musings- this is how the world interacts with each other now, and it is a wonderful way to preserve memories. It is an online diary/scrap book and journal all rolled in to one!

You can make it as personal as you like, or keep your distance and keep it professional. Share with the world your thoughts and ideas, and hopefully inspire someone out there- and if not that then at least you have it documented and can look back fondly in ten or twenty years time (no doubt this will be in some funky futuristic way!).

How good does this peanut butter cookie look that I found!

Blogs are a great way to impress potential employers and friends…

For companies like Roost, bloggers are invaluable for market research. They are becoming increasingly more important for brands to promote and advertise their products- as influencers and to their peers. They provide innovative ideas and generate real, consumer insight and opinions about products and brands; it’s the most valuable source of information available to companies. Blogs can look impressive not just on a personal level, but professionally it can attract potential employers- as it shows a great interest in something you are truly passionate about.

Getting started on my own blog…

It is easy enough to set about creating a blog online, but what really needs to be thought about is one’s passion, and something you know lots about- you don’t want to run out of things to say! So why not try starting up your own blog- I know I’m going to put my tail between my legs and admit that I am indeed converted.  Now I just need to think of a catchy name…




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