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Creating Great Content

2013 March 28
by roostonline

So often the focus when analysing whether a Facebook page is successful or not, is based on the number of new likes the page receives and the reach each post generates within Facebook.

At Roost we know the key to sustaining a valuable Facebook community isn’t just about gaining fans but keeping them and engagement is a means and not an end.

The topic of this, the first of my new weekly feature will explore the answer to the basic question: How do you prevent a like from becoming an unlike? We will do this by looking at Facebook page content both good and bad and exploring what we think the cause of their success or failure is.

Our observations and tips for this week are:


Build up a buzz around competition launches


With ever increasing numbers of competitions vying for attention across Facebook, Twitter and blogs you need to offer something different to make yours stand out from the crowd.  Moshi Monsters have found an effective way to create excitement and buzz, with users liking and sharing the news in anticipation of their soon to be announced “Design a Moshling” competition.


Facebook fans love exclusives


Sales focused posts from retail brands are some the trickiest pieces of content to position, as anything that comes across as too pushy risks turning followers off.  But sneak previews of new products can work brilliantly on Facebook as fans love exclusives. Kiddicare have taken this approach here: building up excitement and awareness around a soon-to-be-released range, but without a brand site link in site!


Conversations around broader topics will help increase engagement 

John Lewis

Another big consumer turn off can be an overwhelming focus on your product range with no attempt to engage with your community in a broader way. Here John Lewis has engaged with a number of their community members by asking a simple question which requires a quick and easy answer.

They’ve also showcased and linked to one of their products but in a way that is both subtle and appropriate as it fits the question perfectly.


Don’t be afraid to share content from other brands

The Fatherhood

For today’s digital audience no brand is an island and use of other brands creative content where relevant can encourage debate or result in further engagement on your page.

Earlier this Fiat unveiled The Motherhood their ad for the Fiat 500L. The content struck a chord with many mothers and as a result a number of baby and child focused brand pages shared the video, with great results!

Now its sequel The Fatherhood has been released we see further opportunities for engagement for these brands. Fiat might seem far removed from Mothercare but in this case it could fit!

Food for thought. Will keep my eyes peeled for more great (and not so great) examples ready for next weeks update.


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