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Content seeding

2010 October 4
by roostonline

Is terminology changing the way in which we approach digital communication? The latest (brilliant) example of a ‘YouTube ad’ ‘Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance’ really exemplifies how consumers want to engage with brands. Therefore is there a need to call this something other than what it is – an advert on YouTube and not a viral? The success of the video is down to the emphasis being on the content – nobody minds who is behind its creation, as long as it resonates with (and attracts) the viewer.

The old notion of a ‘viral’ being seeded to a mass audience is one that should be left at the door. At Roost we put content and community first. What is the fit with the content and audience and who is it that we should engage with to raise the awareness of that content, which will not only interest the recipient but also create social currency about their being?

Yes, awareness might go viral but only because the initial audience are the fire-starters. We want people to engage and advocate content to their network and not remain as a solitary ‘view’. Through understanding content and client goals, combined with insight into the habits and online environments of the relevant audience, we plan relevant dialogues that showcase and introduce the content. Through this process recipients not only drive awareness but also become brand advocates. After all, everyone likes to be THE ONE who tells their friends first…

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