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Community Strategist

2012 April 18

Hello, I’m Frankie the newest addition to the communities team. With a background in journalism, PR and Corporate Social Responsibility I’ve joined Roost as a Community Strategist.

When I tell people about my new role a lot of them ask, ‘what does a community strategist do?’. This question is understandable; community management roles have only really developed in the past few years and are far removed from being dentists or accountants.

The question is a difficult one to answer because the role itself can vary from day to day but in its simplest terms it involves building up and engaging with online communities – the brand’s fans, followers and critics – be that on Twitter, Facebook or the latest flavour of the month Pinterest. This activity will follow a specific strategy, which will have been planned and developed by the team.

Social networks provide a place for a two-way dialogue between brand and customer and it is the job of the Community Strategist to fit comfortably in both those worlds. This involves championing the brand its products and events to the audience and encouraging conversation and debate to an online community or audience.  Then acting as an advocate of that community by listening to and monitoring what it is saying then feeding it back to the brand.

As a relatively new role the exact definition of a Community Strategist is undefined but as a growing position it will continue to develop and evolve and is definitely one people will start to take more notice of. I am very excited to see how my role will develop as I sink my teeth into some of the exciting projects lined up at Roost.


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