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Breakfast with Wired

2012 May 16
by roostonline

I have just returned from an, as always, very interesting talk by Greg Williams of Wired UK.


The presentation looked to highlight the top 10 trends as seen by Wired; this is not about fads or noise but genuine innovations that are, and will sculpt both industry and consumerism.

1) Rise of the mobile
USA has 76% penetration vs. India 5% and China 29%

2) SoloMo – Social local mobile

3) The data economy
An iPhone has more computer power than Apollo 11 had.

4)  Social design
Building around people and not products (The Roost!)

5)  Privacy
Facebook, the world’s biggest spread sheet – Amber Case (Cyborg Anthropologist)

6 Health

7)  Consumerisation
Consumer expectations exceed corporate IT systems

8 )  3D printing

9)  Collaborative consumerism

10)  Finance revolution

The Future is here – it is all about serving human needs.

Have you come across any trends/technologies that have changed your day to day – we’d love to hear about them here.


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