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Brands and Blogger outreach

2011 November 16

We love seeing what other brands are doing within social and the blogosphere. Not only is it exciting to see how marketing managers are looking to use this space, but also the pickup and reaction from the bloggers.

Yesterday we saw Contiki Holidays sourcing bloggers through their Facebook Page. As yet it is not clear as to what their plans are and what sort of relationship they will have with the bloggers, vloggers, photoggers, hobbnobbers (!) but needless to say that we will follow it with interest.

Contiki Holidays Facebook Blogger Outreach

Our approach to Bloggers has always been one of inclusive collaboration. Although we have a network of bloggers who we know are influential in their respective sectors and spaces we are also always on the lookout for the up and coming. It is our experience that these bods often provide something slightly different but equally beneficial to the mix and a brands social media optimisation strategy.

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