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Algorithms – now the headache of Social Media Managers…

2012 December 3
by roostonline

It is no longer just SEO specialists who have to concern themselves with algorithm changes. Facebook (and other social network platforms) are joining Google in regularly moving the goal posts and sending the ‘socialsphere’ into a state of panic at the potential consequences.

The second guessing is still taking place as to the impact of Facebook’s latest Edge Rank changes and what it means for brand page reach and content engagement. We recently wrote an article looking at Google’s latest Panda update and the impact that it would have on the blogosphere, so with the likes of Twitter also starting to make changes what does this all mean to marketeers and brands?

The Social Communication Web

For a long time we have advocated having relationships with content creators, in particular bloggers. There are a lot of benefits to these symbiotic relationships; reach, search, peer endorsement etc., but one of the lesser talked about elements is that these early adopters are platform agnostic – they ‘share’ where they think it is most relevant.

Facebook is now a public company and as such it has shareholders to satisfy through increased revenue streams – after all it is not a ‘free platform’ and, as marketeers, we are simply looking to take advantage of the opportunities that it offers.

Social media strategies need to be looked at from a long term point of view. As such plans need to take into consideration that platform rules and revenue models will change; the way to mitigate these changes is to put the power back into the hands of the consumer, let them proliferate content amongst their peers and also across the wider social web and whichever platform (or platforms) that might include.

Long term thinking

The goal of every social media strategy is to open a dialogue with a community; it must therefore be the ultimate goal of a brand to ‘own’ this relationship first hand and to not be reliant on a 3rd party platform which should be the means to an end and not the end itself.

Through looking at Facebook as part of a social media mix and through empowerment and audience insight, Roost are able to take this long term approach. Content is still very important but so is the contact funnel – at the root of which needs to be ‘how do I take ownership of this relationship?’

Wondering about what these changes mean for your Brand’s Facebook Page? We’d love to hear what you think the future holds…


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