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5 New Year’s resolutions

2012 January 5

We are only 5 days into the New Year and yet friends, family and colleagues (!) are already admitting to having broken their New Year’s resolutions. So while personal goals fall by the wayside here are a couple of New Year’s promises that Roost will be keeping this year:

Launching ‘The Roost’; our blogger community.

  • Clients and bloggers alike will know that we have a real passion for working with key brand advocates and community influencers; whether they are blogging royalty or an enthusiastic conversationalist on Twitter, we feel that there is a place for everyone. Having been working alongside bloggers across various social platforms for the last 2 years we are now looking to consolidate everything into our own blogger community.
  • The final piece of the jigsaw for ‘The Roost’ is the branding – we have added some current concepts below, we have our favourite, but what is yours?

Blogging Community

The Roost Blogging Community

The Roost Blogging Community

The community will be invite only, but in the meantime please follow us on Twitter for more information.


  • We know that no one likes to be ignored especially when they are oozing advice and information. That is why 2012 for Roost is going to be about listening and understanding.  For a while now we have been working with anthropologists to make sure that we understand each and every community that we work with (Facebook, Twitter or interest group); now we are going to start to share some of the insight that we have generated while, of course, continuing to listen and understand some more.

Continue to work with great clients.

  • To date we have been very lucky as most of our clients have been through word of mouth referral. This year we are going on the hunt to find clients who we feel best fit with the Roost approach of engaging ambassadorial communities alongside a social media strategic vision. You have been warned!

Team building.

  • We are on the constant look out for great planners and community strategists and managers to join the team. Not only do we need the right team to service our clients, but we are also looking for individuals who can relate to the various interests groups of the community that we work with. At the end of the day community engagement is all about rapport whether it be offline or within a social network. If you’re looking for a new challenge and think Roost could be it, we’d love to hear from you.

Continually adapt.

  • At Roost we relish the fact that we are constantly striving to be at the forefront of social communications in everything that we do. Not only is this a challenge on a daily basis when planning and managing communities, but also from a business proposition point of view. 2012 will continue to throw the unexpected at us and we plan to adapt so that we can continue to offer our clients best in class; so watch this space, I am sure that ‘The Roost’ will only be the first new spin off you see from us this year.

So those are our resolutions for 2012, we clearly think that influencer created content will continue to be an important cornerstone in brand communication strategies, alongside the right social media strategy and creative vision.

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