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10 things I’ve learned about blogging….

2012 September 27
by roostonline


Community Assistant Abi Taylor reflects on what Roost’s approach to bloggers and blogging have taught her.

1. Blogs are addictive.

After only a week at Roost I found myself checking the blogs I had discovered when I was on the train, at the weekend, before I went to bed, basically all the time. There is something unbelievably fascinating about being let into someone else’s world and learning about their life (or maybe I just find it fascinating because I’m exceptionally nosy…). I was soon sharing my newfound addiction with friends and family and am still amazed at how ‘ordinary’, everyday lives can be so enthralling.

2. Many bloggers thrive on ‘too much information’.

Many bloggers quite literally blog about anything, from what they had for dinner to their top tips on travelling with children. Much as this window into their everyday lives is very interesting, I have realised that some like to share EVERYTHING, including their second-by-second-all-the-gory-details-included birth stories and why? Because these personal renditions are valuable to both the blogger and their audience – there will always be people who can relate to what is being said.

3. Bloggers have an amazing sense of community.

One thing that has really struck me about bloggers is how they interact with each other; they become a sort of blogging family. One of the best stories I came across was a mummy blogger who had moved into a new house that needed a lot of work. Other mummy bloggers rallied together and organised a day where they all volunteered to donate DIY materials or their time to help renovate her house. From speaking to Toyologists from this years programme it is clear that the people they have met through their blogging communities have become ‘real’, life-long friends.

4. Their opinion is noteworthy and relevant.

Last week was London Fashion Week, and after a bit of research I saw how many people attending had been invited, not because they were celebrities or designers, but because they have a successful fashion blog. Their blogs are so influential and have such a large following that massive organisations are fighting to snap them up.

5. The power of a community.

Mummy bloggers are by far my favourite type of bloggers; they can be controversial, eccentric and downright hilarious. But put them all together and their potential power, especially over brands, is incredible.

6. Perfection is not the end game.

Blogs are not novels or newspaper articles, they’re people’s thoughts, and I found that the varying writing styles just added to the character and made you feel like you were talking to an actual person rather than a machine. I know that if you wrote down all the random thoughts in my head there would certainly be no cohesiveness!

7. Blogs can start careers.

What starts out as a simple blog can lead to much bigger things. Just Google Sally Whittle.

8. Blogs are not just for cool indie students in Starbucks with a MacBook.

There are blogs for literally EVERYTHING! With over 181 million in the world (2011), there is something for everyone, written by every type of person imaginable. Some of the stranger ones I came across: a blog about all the odd things in the world (such as real life people who look like cartoon characters), a blog reviewing all the food you can find inside Disney World and a blog entirely dedicated to baked beans.

10. Bloggers are the future.

Brands are beginning to realise how they can use bloggers to reach a massive audience of potential customers, and that having bloggers on your side is crucial. Blogs are no longer just a place for people to empty their heads- they are massive business opportunities. For brands, the potential for outreach is huge, and similar to the recent drive towards the use of social media, those not engaging with bloggers are sure to get left behind.

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  1. September 27, 2012

    And that’s a great blog in its self. As a relative new blogger I can relate to a lot of this. I never used to really understand blogging, but I’m staring to now as it’s introducing me to lots of new people and different ideas. And actually it’s a great way of sharing and interacting, especially if you work on your own a lot of the time, which I do as a photographer. Thank you

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